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Designed Fishing Products The FlyTriever

There’s nothing worse than putting your favourite fly that took you a lifetime to tie, or has caught you piles of fish, up the tree on your back cast with the fear of never seeing it again, or the worry of leaving a length of trailing leader hanging.
Designed Fishing Products’ FlyTriever is a handy tool that will help recover your flies collected by those waiting branches. This lightweight CNC machined tool made from Dupon Delrin has a mass of only 20g and a 4m cord. When not in use, the cord is securely wrapped around the prongs, which ensures that it is tangle free, easy to store and ready for use when required.

The FlyTriever is relatively easy to use. The longer prong is inserted into either the tip or second ring of the rod and then raised to where your fly is caught. The FlyTriever is then hooked over the branch, the rod removed and the branch is pulled down using the cord to allow you to remove the fly.

There is a short video on the website that shows the tool in use. A useful piece of kit worth having in your waistcoat or bag… just in case!

Contact: 07443 875052

RRP: £12.95

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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