Monday, 01 August 2016 15:20

Costa Del Mar Costa Mag Bay Sunglasses

While out on a feature earlier this year I had the opportunity to try a pair of Costa Mag Bay glasses.

Spotting fish became a little easier, so I had to have a pair. These have now become my regular fishing glasses and certainly helped when stalking fish last month at Avington and noticing them follow the fly when fishing hang from the boat on the big waters.

They are comfortable to wear due to their extra-large fit. They offer 100 per cent UV light blockage and 100 per cent polarisation, eliminating glare from the water’s surface and reducing eyestrain. They are lightweight, having a TR90 nylon frame and plastic scratch-resistant lenses and come with a hard protective case.

They are hand built and come with a lifetime warranty. In three months of use I can’t find fault and have been able to spot fish that other anglers have missed.

RRP: From £169

Contact: 07736 326858



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