Fulling Mill Ltd. (FML) is the largest and most successful manufacturer and distributor of fishing flies in the UK. With a history spanning back over 70 years, the Company has a depth of history, experience and know-how which is unrivalled in the industry. Today, the company manufactures its flies in Kenya, Africa, and is due to open a second factory in Sri Lanka during 2015. The company's headquarters are just outside Reigate, in Surrey, and has a distribution operation in New Hampshire, USA. Fulling Mill sells to tackle dealers throughout the fishing world, and has ambitious plans to grow the business from this strong foundation.

There are six selection packs in the range – Lake 1, Lake 2, Klink N’ Dink, Puddle Bungs, River Dries and Stillwater Dries – all containing six top-quality flies.

Those of you who worry about getting your phone wet while fishing might want to think about investing in the Loksak Neck Caddy. This is designed to keep your phone dry, accessible and usable while out on the bank. The clear, lightweight, flexible, resealable storage bag comes with neck lanyard that clips to the top of the bag.
You can use your phone without removing it but don’t expect the pictures you take to be of the same quality. The bag measures 9.84 by 16.51 centimetres and is now the home for my mobile on trips to the river.

Distributor: 01293 778600

RRP: £12.99


Autumn will see the final flurry of dry-fly action offering some of the best surface sport of the season. Fulling Mill Dry Sauce and High Glide offer two alternative ways of keeping your flies afloat.

The Dry Sauce is a gel that is applied to your fly by rubbing it into the fibres. It is insoluble in water and doesn’t create an oil slick when placed on the water! It is temperature stable, which means it won’t liquidise and leak in warm temperatures. The High Glide is a soluble powder floatant and desiccant that cleans, dries and waterproofs your dry fly by simply dropping it into the pot, closing the lid and shaking. I’ve used both products this season and each have performed well, keeping my dries in the surface.

Distributor: 01293 778600

RRP: £6.50 each


There are three sizes of these new waterproof Xtreme fly boxes available and they’re aimed squarely at the fly angler who likes chasing pike or marine species with big flies!

These wonderful little nymphs take the guesswork out of your river fishing forays.
Jungle cock feathers give a fly that extra something special and these wonderful substitute feathers from Fulling Mill are easily affordable, unlike the real thing, and far more durable.
Take the guesswork out of river fishing with this neat little fly box from Fulling Mill, containing the must-have dry flies, on barbless hooks, to help you land plenty of trout and grayling this summer.
These new generation high-spec rods from Fulling Mill are packed with great features.

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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