Monday, 19 December 2011 16:57

Winter Has Arrived

Well winter has finally arrived and what better way to see it come in then standing on the banks of a local small Stillwater in blizzard conditions! I must be mad.

In near artic conditions myself and Steve Cullen had a bumper session at Sambrook Fishery near Newport, Shropshire. I had seen the forecast for heavy snow and hoped that it might put Steve off. But at 9.00am he was on my door step ready to go. With long johns on and layered up ready for a day out in the snow we headed off for breakfast.

Those that know Sambrook will know its status a small fishery which is FULL of fish, and by FULL I mean FULL. It’s a great place to try new patterns, new techniques and best of all in cold conditions a place where you don’t feel the elements. You don’t have time too. To fish Sambrook you need to reserve your place and it’s advisable to book on in advance. It’s only a small pool of about an acre and it is limited to about 10 rods a day.

We tackled up at the waters edge and noticed fish moving on the downwind side, and this is where we started. First cast in for Steve and a fish of about 5lb did battle. Steve’s method.....?? well, perhaps he will tell you that!!! I opted for three size 12 buzzers. Black with a white tuft on the top dropper, black and  green on the middle and an olive on the point. I made myself a 14ft leader from 6lb Hardy Mach fluorocarbon about right for the sizes of flies and fish. Casting into the wind with a six weight and 3 small flies on a longish leader wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. Mind you the fish weren’t far out and it didn’t take long for the first Rainbow to attach itself to the black and green buzzer on the middle dropper. In the first hour I only had three of four casts where I didn’t have a take or a fish.

At Kit -Kat time we had about 10 fish each up to 5lb. All Rainbows. All mine came to the buzzers, and in particular the black and green one on the middle dropper. A steady figure of eight retrieve was the method. The fish weren’t far down between one and three feet. At one time they were rising to the leaves which came floating past! Had anyone told then it was Winter? A quick change of buzzer colour with a bright orange on the top, black in the middle and white on the point brought several more fish. Sometimes a change in flies can make all the difference.

Time for a move and off we went to try other areas of Sambrook. Wherever we fished we were met with more takes and Rainbows to the net. By lunch we had well over 20 fish each and it was time for a bowl of soup at the nearby pub.

An enjoyable winter’s session. Snow what snow? Cold what cold? In the four hours fishing we were too busy tackling these hungry trout to notice. Anyway it didn’t seem to bother the fish!!

Andy Taylor
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