Monday, 16 January 2012 12:18

Grolsch is for girls and pop bands

With his acting schedule and my guiding commitments, Dean 'Deano' Andrews and I rarely get to just go fishing together - no FishOn cameras, no one else - just the two of us fishing...but we did manage a brief session the other day with the rivers finally having dropped.

Fishing upstream in parallel on opposite sides of the river you’d imagine that our catch rates would be broadly similar – which they usually are – but for some reason on this day, I was on fire and he had a really slow start. I kicked off with four fish in as many minutes and was away into double figures before he even had a take!

Deano was wanting to know what flies I had on, but all the damage was being done by the pink shrimp on the top dropper and he had one on as well. And so it continued all the way up the river. Every time I stopped at a likely looking spot I caught fish. It was just one of those days.

Eventually, just before embarrassment set in, Deano had a nice little grayling to break his duck and I was sure this would be the start of him going on to catch a load of fish. But it didn't really happen that way. In the end after catching between 30 and 40 fish, I packed in – happy to watch.

Deano fished up some productive runs we both know very well but to no avail. After a good dozen fishless casts in a particular favourite pool he handed the rod to me so he could have a break. You've guessed it. First cast and I had a fish! Some days it's just 'your day' and you just have to enjoy the ride!

My pooch was getting cold after all her swimming and I headed back to the car to dry her off and warm her up with a walk while Deano fished out the last few pools. It was during this next half hour that Deano rediscovered his piscatorial skills (landing a further ten fish) and I discovered a pub. RESULT!!!

A great way to kick off the New Year - the full story can be read on my own blog at www.johntyzack.co.uk

John Tyzack

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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