Wednesday, 18 January 2012 11:46

Light at the end of the tunnel

Sadly no fishing since Christmas, put on a couple of pounds of weight (some serious running is sorting that out), and, absolutely no fishing related pressies. Life really sucks!

However, there are one or two lights at the end of the long winter tunnel. One of the brightest of those is that this season there will be a heat of the Lexus European Individual held on Northamptonshire’s Ravensthorpe Reservoir on Thursday 9 August. After a very productive 2011 the - small but perfectly formed - fishery should be jam-packed with competitors as it is one of the few venues around that fishes well during high summer as last years report for the same week lays testament:

Best fish of the week fell to Rob Samsion who was fishing with the Ramsey Fly Fishers. Rob tempted a 9lb 3oz rainbow with a Black Zulu fished close to the Island. The fish are still well up in the water this week and with overcast conditions some great sport can be had on small dries. When brighter conditions prevail some anglers are finding teams of wet flies fished on the drift with intermediate lines work well. Fishing a small Green Buzzer, New Zealand style, below a Klinkhamer can also work in semi-bright conditions. Boat fishing is the best option with most fish well out in the main basin.

If that report doesn’t float your boat, then I strongly suggest you check your pulse.

Ravensthorpe is the first of the ‘Big Four’ midland reservoirs to open its doors on Saturday 3 March, so there will be plenty of time for some practice before the match.

TFF Editor Steve Cullen and I fished Ravensthorpe a couple of years ago during the August period and also tasted some success with the wet flies. And, by looking of the fishery report the tactic is still working. Three Dabblers on an Intermediate line is the method. Cast out as far as you can, then rip them back to the boat…fast! It is without doubt one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing you will ever experience. Next time you have the chance to speak to Steve ask him about the ‘horse’ that followed his flies back like a nuclear submarine during that visit, he’s still shaking two years later.

Cliff Waters

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