Thursday, 19 January 2012 12:30

No More Boobies

Well its’ soon going to be coming to and end, perhaps one more weekend? Steve Cullen talks about the Booby season at Framoor II in Oxfordshire.

I like to start fishing this place arund the start of November, when you can expect some real beauties, a little higher in the water than is normal. Sadly this year there’s not been any, I think one came out at around 8lb?

My friend Gareth Jones had a good brown, about, 7lb and I had one - a brown - about three and half, that’s been about it, goodness know what is going on, something to do with the water treatment process, hopefully it’ll be rectified and this place can get back to it’s best, in terms of large, quality rainbows.

The fishing these last few months has been nothing short of staggering! There’s a limit in the numbers that can be caught, let’s say that the ones that have been fishing properly have been getting their limits very, very easily indeed.

The best bet has been to fish the Boobies well apart 10ft, so 10ft from line to first fly and then another 10 to the point.

Most fish have came from the South Side of the water, with the east shore being okay at times. Best retrieve for me has been the figure-of-eight with the Micky Bewick flick. There’s a shelf about 30 yards out and this has in the past been the ideal taking zone, this year however fish have been taken further out with more consistency!

I have found one fly to be a stand out pattern, I know this is silly given the amount of fish caught, but I have always caught more than those I have one Booby in particular that did it for me.

I call it… Dave!  

Steve Cullen

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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