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Jonathon Dooley explores the art of spooning, no it’s not some weird ritual, it’s how to figure out what the trout’s eating!

I've always thought of spooning as something best left to the bedroom, so when it was suggested that I spooned a trout I wasn't quite sure what to think. However; when I was presented with my first marrow spoon the concept became clear. Whilst I'd love to say that it's made a great impact on my ability to catch fish, the truth is it hasn't, apart from one memorable trip.

Having been given the tool a couple of years ago, my first two attempts with it pulled out precious little and, although it may be my complete lack of entomological knowledge, there were no significant findings.The spoon was cast to the bottom of my tackle bag and hasn't seen the light of day since, however on a recent visit to my local haunt it came back with a vengeance. I was stationed on the bank for a good few hours with no success and, what is usually a reliable fishery with a very helpful catch log, was well and truly defeating me. I tried all manner of flies and eventually had a take on a pearly PTN. The fly was taken quite deep and whilst using my forceps I noticed a very small red bump protruding from the throat. I got the marrow spoon out and scooped the trout's stomach, but wasn't quite expecting such a mammoth find! As you can see in the picture the trout had been gorging on fry and even the odd crayfish, so without hesitation I tied on the most sparkly fly I could find. A few seconds after the fly hit the surface the water started bubbling and as I strip retrieved I could see the bow waves following. In four casts I caught four trout and transformed a near blank into a fantastic afternoon, and all thanks to the spoon!

Jonathon Dooley

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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