Thursday, 03 May 2012 10:44

Thankful for the rain

Wherever Andy Taylor, it seems the weather is sure to follow!

I'm probably one of the very few who is glad that the last few weeks have been rain, rain and more rain. Its been a busy time at work and this has limited the times that I’ve been able to get out with the fly rod. An Ofsted inspection followed by a Standards Verifier have kept me stuck at work. At least I’m not missing too much on the rivers; and I don’t really fancy sitting in a boat getting wet through, being blown across one of the Midland reservoirs at a grand rate of knots; or stood on the bank of a small Stillwater paddling through the puddles with the local mallards.

Saying that, I have managed to sneak out a couple of times for some short, therapy sessions to combat the impact of work! You might remember fellow Academy Instructor Andy Smiths feature in Total Fly Fisher a few months back about short session fishing. That’s the beauty about our sport; if we want to go for a few hours we can. We don’t need loads of tackle, we don’t need a trip to the tackle shop for some bait and we don’t need to wait hours for the trout to feed. Most of my short sessions have been at the picturesque Marton Heath Trout Pools in Cheshire, and they have been superb. The fish have been rising all through these short sessions and I’ve managed 5/6 fish on each of my two hour sessions, all on dries. It’s great, travelling light with just a rod, reel, waistcoat and flies, picking off rising fish on small cdc buzzer patterns, on the wet days when only the hardy or insane angler ventures out. These fish have been belters, small lean bullets, who have been feasting on the massive buzzers hatches. And they have fought like demons in the cool, spring water.

Marton Heath has introduced a 2hr ticket to try and meet the need for short fishing sessions for the angler trying to fit it all in; work, home and fishing. Its great value at £6 for a sports ticket or £10 for a 1 fish ticket. There aren’t many small commercials which offer such value. You couldn’t buy 2 pints of beer in the pub for £6! What’s more is its possible, you can go for just a couple of hours and with the current April weather you probably wouldn’t want any longer. It also forces you to move on a more regular basis. If a peg doesn’t produce after 10 or 15 casts, move! So give it a whirl, use your local Stillwater, travel light and make the most of your short session fishing.

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