Tuesday, 12 June 2012 11:01

Blithfield Reservoir

Cliff Waters Fishing Competitions and heavy rain, there's plenty of both!

Covered the Blithfield Reservoir England qualifier on Sunday and photographically it was just about perfect. The light was amazing, very little breeze, warm, sunny and very pleasant. In fact just about everything that makes fly fishing difficult. The Blithfield trout were pre-occupied on jelly fry and proved to be a bit of a challenge for the forty-nine competitors. I guess the frustrating thing for the anglers was in the flat calm before the start, seeing the fish smashing into the fry. And knowing that as soon as the twenty-five boats had gone over them they would quickly disappear. However, that wiley old fox, Leon Smith, got it sorted very quickly, netting the biggest fish of the day, a cracking rainbow of 5lb 9oz within the first few minutes of the match starting. But I think it’s fair to say the competition as a whole was not easy. And that fact was reflected at the weigh-in with no eight fish limits being recorded.

It’s good to hear some water companies, including Thames Water, are considering lifting their hosepipe bans. However, Anglian Water appears very reluctant to lift their controversial ban in the Anglia region. Although news is just filtering through that it may be lifted by the end of the month (June)…according to the East Anglian Daily Times. Just how much water can you fit into Rutland? The stones outside the pontoon have all but disappeared and are now marked with buoys. I appreciate it’s the rivers and groundwaters that require restoring. But surely the incessant rain we’ve had heaped upon us for the past, what feels like months, must have replenished those reserves by now. And, can someone please tell me how they actually monitor the level of the groundwaters?

Cliff Waters


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