Tuesday, 21 May 2013 13:43

What A Week!

Angler and photographer Cliff Waters reflects on a hectic week.
Covering International events photographically is always a stressful affair – there’s so much that can go wrong. I make a comparison to doing weddings, which I try to avoid doing like the plague, there’s no going back to do it again! Events at Grafham or Rutland are an easier option as I live within driving distance, but this year’s Spring International at Bewl Water would take photographic logistics to a whole new level. Our caravan would have to be packed with two printers, enough printer ink to stock a small shop, two computers (one PC and an Apple iMac), a laptop, 200 sheets of hi-gloss paper, 200 strut mounts, 150 A4 envelopes, 14 sheets of stickers, two anti-surge extension blocks, two camera bodies, eight lenses, one tripod, one monopod, one dog (large), one wife (not so large), enough food for a four-day stopover and the all-important wine (four bottles).

The four teams – England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales – have to be officially photographed in their fishing gear and in their team blazers on the Wednesday before the actual match on the Friday. Then the fun begins. Each team member, manager and reserve has to have a mounted print of each shot presented to them at the International dinner following the match on Friday.

To produce 150 of these prints to the high quality expected in a controlled environment of the home is difficult, but to do it in a caravan awning tests a marriage to the limits. However, Glen and I have worked this process countless times before and the prints were soon piling up nicely. Then, with just 10 prints to go the printer decided it did not like a magenta ink replacement and threw a wobbly of biblical proportions. The cartridge was changed. But still the Ireland lads had not only green jackets but their faces also had assumed the hue of a particularly rough sea crossing from the Emerald Isle. It took a complete five-cartridge ink change for the reticent printer to cheer up and spit out the remaining images. Not before its parentage was questioned and threats to eject it through the window were made, I hasten to add. 

Fridays match day came, and thankfully was a stroll in the park compared to that.
And, although completely jiggered we both fell into bed at 1.30 the following morning looking forward to a 9am start back home and a rest, although not quite so restful for me as I had a 10k road race to compete in on the Sunday and Glen had to start marking ‘A’ Level Maths exam papers. However, I'm off to Eyebrook this week, and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a bit of fishing after the pictures!

Cliff Waters

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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