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Discover Tenkara

A behind-the-scenes look at the Total FlyFisher tenkara series!
"We are really pleased with the information that we have been able to collate and publish solely on tenkara in our summer series for Total FlyFisher Magazine." contributor, Paul Gaskell explained. "It is our best 'how to' writing yet and having travel costs covered means that we can set aside a dedicated photo shoot for each piece.

"John and I both take photos for each other, so it is quite an undertaking to choose the right venue for a particular technique; to guarantee that you will catch enough fish and to get all of the photographic as well as the fishing kit on site. We also have a variety of waterproof cases and stuff-sacks in case we fall in the water while moving between pools. If you don’t get the shots that you need in one trip; you end up basically paying the magazine to print your article…

"We have now got a pretty good routine for maximising fishing efficiency – but without missing the vital shots that we need to illustrate our points. By both fishing, but each taking spells where they are primarily responsible for managing the photographic kit (and telling the other angler that their shirt is untucked or that they’ve forgotten to take a tripod bag off their back whilst being photographed!).

"The video below is a very much shortened account of a day out to get the shots that we needed for the issue that is out in the shops and available digitally online right now.

"Total FlyFisher is available as individual downloadable issues – a great boon if you’re not sure about taking a long subscription (and especially if you don’t have printed copies available where you live). The digital subscription/single issue downloads page is here.

"The June issue (and the separate free taster digital issue) featured comparisons between Triple World Champion Pascal Cognard’s techniques and the remarkable common ground shared with top-level tenkara.

"July was a super-detailed combination of river hydrology and how various currents (including rotating helical upwelling and downwelling currents) are produced as well as how to recognise and exploit them on-stream when using an unweighted fly to achieve true dead drifts or hold the fly stationary at all depths.

"August introduced the concepts around dead drift versus manipulated presentations – and the interaction of manipulation and stream-flow characteristics with fly dressing materials; as well as outlining the zoology behind “prey image” and the (simple) cues that trigger a reflexive attack by visual predators.

"September (out now and for which you can see some of the photos in the video below) is a really detailed breakdown of different sutebari techniques as well as specific categories and variations on manipulations at all angles to the current flow – in other words; an offer that the fish can’t refuse!"

Click here to view the tenkara video now!

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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