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Goldenloch Fishery

Goldenloch Fishery  report 21/11/11

Goldenloch Fishery
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1/2 day session 2 fish limit £15.00 then C&R up to a Max of 9 Boat or Bank
Full day session 3 fish limit £20.00 then C&R up to a Max of 9 Boat or Bank
Catch and Release is £15
Parent and Youth is £25 for 4 fish limit then C&R up to a Max of 9 Boat or Bank
Season: All Year Round
Top Patterns: Diawl Bach

FISHERY REPORT - 21st November 2011

At the Goldenloch this past week it’s been amazingly warm some days but bitter cold some nights with the effect that it has driven the fish down into the deeper waters, what is happening is that the fish aren’t really starting to rise or be active till late afternoon.

It also seems that on some days especially if we have visiting cormorants, the fish are really quite close to the sides, bourne out by the fact that some lads fishing from the banks have had some pretty good catches, this year I have again applied for a licence to shoot these cormorants, at the moment all I am allowed to do is fire to scare, but they are so wary, that after a few days of taking pot shots, now as soon as I get in the car and drive down to the loch they are off, if I get my licence soon if any one wants cormorant feathers please email me or phone.

The Burns brothers Ian and Jim arrived late on Sunday did well catching 10 using a cormorant fly also Dave Stewart Newburgh using nymphs h! ad 9, Alec Burns, Kirkcaldy, fishing since early morning had 3. First time visiting us was I Don and A Downie, with a slow start to their day and then eventually finding the right fly and where the fish were, they went on to catch quite a few using diawl bachs and a yellow blob, both commenting how much they had enjoyed the quietness and surroundings probably due to the fact that they had the loch to themselves all day, this morning Monday 21st the water is flat calm and at 7.15 there were fish rising all along the long bank and in the boat area, so we will just have to wait and see how to-day pans out.

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TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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