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Lake of Menteith Fishery Report 14/3/16

Lake of Menteith

Pre-season Report 14/3/16

6ft Water Temperature 4.5 C, Clarity (Secchi disc) 3.1m

The Lake opens on the 18th March for our 51st fishing season. Hopefully, things will calm down as usual for opening day but we are due a cold and wild one after so many very pleasant open days in recent years – but fingers crossed. Gateside Bay will be open for a few weeks until stock arrives in the fish pens, sometime in April. This will allow for a bit more shelter. We stocked today with 1200 fish of average weight ~ 2lbs. 

8lbtroutpike w TFF Lake of Menteith 14 03 17

Some angling statistics from 2016: The two-man average boat catch was 5.9fish for 13.9lbs, marginally up on 2015’s 5.4 fish for 13.5lbs. The amount of fish released was 63% (60% in 2015). One of the most thought-provoking statistics from last year was the percent of fish recorded killed. 13946 fish or 45% of fish stocked were recorded as weighed in and killed. This is a big reduction on the old figure before catch and release which was usually around 70%. We think increased losses to predators accounts for much of this discrepancy but there will be an element of losses as a result of catch and release and we know that catch records are not as accurate as they used to be. It is something we should understand better. Please help by accurately recording fish caught and released, and fish killed.

daveelliot25lb w TFF Lake of Menteith 14 03 17

We had a fairly steady trickle of fly fishing pike anglers during the close season as well as 4 days of pike lure and dead bait events with the PAAS and the PAC.  Some nice trout and pike were landed and returned. Getting down to the fish (30ft) with bait, lure or fly was the trick. 

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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