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Total FlyFisher October 2017

Current Issue - October

Check out the feature-packed October 2017 issue...ON SALE Friday September 15th


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Armchair Fly Fishing 

Photo 1 p006 007 TFF 10 SS Armchair Fly Fishing

Destination fishing, big fish and exotic locations are on most fly anglers’ bucket lists. England international Steve Smalley had float tubing on his and share the magic of armchair fishing.

“As fly anglers, many of us aspire to visit exotic and tropical destinations in search of a range of species. Wild brown trout fishing in New Zealand or even tiger fish in Tanzania, the list of opportunities is endless nowadays.”


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The Melvin Monster

Photo 2 p012 013 TFF 10 The Melvin Monster

Tom ‘Doc’ Sullivan recalls the day he went to Lough Melvin to practise for the Anglian Water competition and connected with a fish of a lifetime.

“As part of the Shamrogues fishing team we were to fish the Irish qualifiers for the Anglian Water fly fishing competition, which this year were held on Lough Melvin. Practising for competitions is great because it gives you an excuse to sh, not that you need an excuse, but it helps.”


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Don’t Let Them Off The Hook!

Photo 3 p020 021 TFF 10 TH Off the hook

GAIA instructor and regular river angler Trevor Heyliger explains how to get more fish in your net when out on the river.

“During my time spent receiving and observing fly fishing tuition. I can recall only one instructor who properly covered hooking and playing a fish before allowing his students to actually start fishing.” 


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Big Perch On The Fly


Photo 4 p058 059 TFF 10 perch feature

Dick Walker described the perch as “the biggest fish of all.” David West Beale shares the tactics and flies that have seen him catch numerous specimen stripes.

“Splosh. Wait. Hop… done! There’s no mistaking the take. The 5-wt buckles over again and another good perch is on. This is fun! It’s lunch time and I’ve left the insanity of the office behind for lightning raid on the Grand Union Canal!”


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Bring Back The Cane


Photo 4 p090 091 TFF 10 CC The Cane pt2

Clark Colman revisits a favourite moorland beck to see how an old faithful in his split-cane fly rod collection compares to a modern arrival from bespoke rod builders Tom Regula.

“Truth be told. I don’t take my useable split-cane rods out of their slips a great deal nowadays. Having recently returned from test recently returned test firing a couple of models in the new, utterly remarkable and soon-to-be-released Orvis Helios 3 range.” 




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