Tuesday, 01 November 2011 15:57

60-Year-Old Record Smashed

Specimen Brownie beats venue best that has stood for the past six decades.

A venue record that has stood for the past 60 years has been smashed with the capture of this 13lb brown trout.

The specimen, boated by Uppingham-angler John Miller, broke the previous best for Leicestershire’s Eyebrook Trout Fishery caught way back in 1955 by nearly 2lb when it fell to a fly intended for the venues pike.

“I was fly fishing for pike in an area that had previously revealed some big brownies as well as pike in a very localised spot,” said John. “Storm clouds were looming on the horizon when I had a very solid take which resulted in a lost brown trout that we estimated to be around 8lb.

“We repeated the same drift to cover the spot again the spot. I had another solid take, this time the fish quickly kited across the surface telling me it wasn’t a pike.”

John’s instincts were confirned when the deep-bodies brown rolled next to the boat. In the net the fish was witnessed by fishery staff, weighed, photographed and returned alive.

The fly that tempted the new fishery best was a roach fry pattern presented on a Di7 line.

The previous record brown trout was caught at Eyebrook in 1955 by veterinarian Nick Stubbs from Hereford. At the time the venue was an any method fishery, with the fish being taken on a golden brown 2inch Devon Minnow and weighed 11lb 4oz.

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