Thursday, 17 November 2011 13:30

Chemical Warning

Anglers warned not to eat trout at venue after dangerous chemical traces are found.

Fly anglers on Guernsey have been warned to limit the number of trout they eat form a reservoir where a rise in harmful chemicals has been found.

The warning comes after Environmental Health on the channel island discovered traces of the chemical PFOS – found in fire-fighting foam – in the St Saviours reservoir on the west of the channel island.

Although officials have revealed that the levels of the chemical in the reservoir mean that it would take a large number of trout being consumed by an individual to do any harm, anglers are being asked to limit the number of trout they eat from the eater to 26 per year.

The situation at the reservoir is being address, with Environmental Health saying the diversion of pollution from Guernsey Airport away from the reservoir in future would reduce the levels of PFOS in the water.

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