Saturday, 19 November 2011 16:42

Toft Newton Weekly Report

Venue fishing report for the week ending November 18.

97 rods caught 352 fish rod av. 3.6

Very similar week to the previous one with relatively still, damp and misty conditions lingering. A definite cooler feel of late and more fish to lures now than anything else. Black pipe area still best with fry feeding activity all around some days. A cooler forecast should switch the fish more and more on to the masses of fry that are present this season. Still stocking until at least the end of November and a reminder that the season is extended until December 18, with the fur & feather match taking place on that day. December opening will be from 8am.

Best fish of the week to Rod Newborough from Scothern at 8Ib 8oz, he also had a 6Ib fish and a white tagged £20 rainbow among his catch taken from a boat on a black lure. 16-year-old Horncastle novice William Beebe is pictured with a 6lb 8oz rainbow which he caught on a pink humungus, he also had another fish at 5Ib 13oz and a £20 white tagger too! Two other tags out to Martin Rowson and Pete Cowan.

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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