Friday, 02 December 2011 14:47

Fish Rescue on Teme

Stranded salmon and trout crucial to future of river's stocks.

Hundreds of salmon and seatrout have had to be rescued after they became trapped between weirs on their way to spawn.

The fish were traveling up the river Teme near Ludlow on the last part of a 2000 mile journey to reach spawning grounds when they reached a weir that they could not pass due to low water levels.

Needing to travel just 31 miles above Ludlow, the fish became stranded below the structure making the fish, including salmon to over 30lb, a prime target for poachers, forcing the Environment Agency to act to move the fish and mount a 24hour guard of the area.

In their weakened state due to the journey, netting the fish to move them above the weir by hand would have seen the majority of the creatures die from the stress. Instead the EA set about creating a temporary fish pass by removing a section of the weir to lower its height before creating a graduated ramp for the fish to swim up of their own accord.

Speaking for the EA, a spokespersons said: "If they don't get upstream of here, they won't lay their eggs and if they can't lay their eggs that's the future progeny of this river gone.”

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