Tuesday, 25 February 2014 17:50

Fly Life Concerns

How many of you have sat and pondered on times past when you remember greater richness and abundance of river flies?
Is the the health of yours pretty good at present?
Sadly the majority of experienced anglers across the UK will tell you that observations of river fly emergence are becoming increasingly rare because human modification to river systems is so pervasive that sites with a representative suite of minimally disturbed watercourse conditions have become worryingly scarce.
Dr. Nick Everall, fisheries consultant and founder of Aquascience consultancy, has developed cutting-edge biometric fingerprinting techniques which can be used by fishery owners and clubs to identify ongoing and or previously undetected ecological problems – which the regulator is unable or unwilling to investigate.
The techniques can also be used to record a 'snapshot' of the health of your water.
Fish Legal has worked with Dr. Everall on many successful cases over the years and would like to encourage its members to consider this new service, which could become a key tool in the fight against pollution. If you want to know more about the fly life on your water get in touch.

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