Friday, 13 June 2014 13:38

Sixty Sea Trout In Poacher's Net

Sixty sea trout – ranging between 4lb and 12lb, were found dead in a poacher's net retrieved by Forth District Salmon Fishery Board (FDSFB) bailiffs on the River Tyne, near East Linton. The net used would have been invisible to the fish, which are captured by the gills, and as a result – suffer a slow death before they are collected. It has not been made clear, as to whether any arrests have been made at this time. The incident is a major setback to the conservation work undertaken by local groups, who have spent considerable effort to improve the river habitat and promote good angling practice such as catch and release to help conservation. 
“Netting like this is an illegal, selfish and indiscriminate act which endangers fish and other wildlife stocks,” commented Fen Howieson, Chairman of the FDSFB.“
“This is a stark reminder that illegal and indiscriminate netting of our valuable migratory fish is still a major problem in some areas,” added Brian Davidson, Operations Director of the Association of Salmon Fishing Boards. ”Despite the best efforts of our bailiffs and police, it is not always possible to anticipate where such incidents will occur and apprehend those involved.”

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