Thursday, 17 July 2014 12:56

Salford Club Win Fred J Taylor Award

The Salford Friendly Anglers’ Society, one of the oldest fishing clubs in England, has been awarded this year’s Fred J Taylor award. The club was nominated for the award, which is given in recognition for exceptional work in protecting or improving water habitats in England, by the Wild Trout Trust for its clean-up work on the Irwell, a recovering industrial river that flows through Manchester and Salford.
"We’re delighted to win such a prestigious award,” said Mike Duddy from the Salford club. “A love of fishing and the environment has united anglers from Greater Manchester to lobby our local agencies and water utility to prioritise the continuing clean-up of the River Irwell.”
"The Angling Trust is keen to highlight the magnificent work that anglers around the country do to clear up litter, restore damaged habitats and prevent pollution,” added Mark Lloyd, chief executive of Angling Trust. “There is no better example of this than the work of Salford Friendly Anglers and their club volunteers."
"The Wild Trout Trust is simply delighted that the work of all at Salford Friendly Anglers be recognised with the Fred J Taylor Award,” added Shaun Leonard, director of the Wild Trout Trust. "They are a truly inspirational bunch making a very real difference to the once trashed but now recovering rivers of Greater Manchester. Well done, SFA!"
The award will be presented to the club this coming Saturday, July 19th at the CLA Game Fair.

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