Friday, 05 September 2014 15:13

Online Fish Returns System Launched

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced the launch of its new online service, which has been created to help monitor salmon and sea trout stocks in England.
The free online service can be used on a range of smart devices - home computers, tablets and mobile phones, and all you need to start entering your data is your licence number and postcode.
Previously, anglers sent in their catch returns on a paper form attached to their rod licence, but the EA have had feedback asking why it can’t be done online. So, with this in mind, they have spent some of the licence money they raise each year for the development and implementation of an electronic system, which can be found at www.gov.uk/catch-return.
“We want as many anglers as possible to use this new service,” commented an EA spokesperson. “Normally, we receive more than 22,000 envelopes with catch return forms in, so it would be nice to receive as many as possible electronically this year.
The new service has extra features over the old paper form too, as you can now record your fishing results throughout the year - rather than having to remember it all at the end of the season.
The system has been made as simple to use as possible, where you just log-on each time you have been fishing and enter your data. Then, at the end of the season you have been fishing you can easily submit it. If you have problems using the system, the EA has support staff who will be happy to help you.
 The EA say they hope anglers are going to find this a quick and simple way of providing crucial data from the comfort of their home, which they can also print out for their own records, so they know what they have caught each year.

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