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World Champ Is Now Lexus Champ!

New Lexus Individual Champion
Ex world champion Russel Owen, fishing ‘quiet water’ stormed to victory at the recent Lexus Individual at Chew Valley.
Match organiser John Horsey said: “During practice on the two days leading up to the match most of the boats, were concentrating their efforts in front of the lodge. The dam area also proved popular as did Villice Bay, the key for many it seemed was to fish deeper water due to the high water temperature. The trout were high up, though, and dries and washing-line tactics were the norm.
"However, the two or three boats that ventured further afield, one of which was Russel Owen's, found fish in some quiet areas. Although there was less fish here they were more prepared to take a fly, due to having had very little angling pressure.
"Come match day, Russel and his Fish Hawks team mate Aled Dixon headed up to Stratford and Heriots area of the water and fished FABS and Hoppers, washing-line style, for rising fish and their gamble paid off.
"The match rules were catch and kill your first four and then unlimited catch and release, on barbless hooks, fished to be released from the nets as per fishery manager Tony Donnely.
"With an overall rod average for the competition of 3.14 Russel totally dominated, he caught a staggering 24 trout!
"Team mate Aled came in with 18 and in third place with 14 was Craig Barr.”
TFF asked Russel what the key to his success was, he said, “The main thing was keeping away from the crowd, I’d found a few quiet areas where the trout were ready takers. Having a large area, practically to myself, I was able to pick fish off consistently throughout the day. I’m delighted with this win and being able to drive away in my prize, a brand-new Lexus RX450!”
Aled, being a heat winner, was up against the other heat winners, and giving his 2nd place means that he also won, a dream fishing holiday!

1st Russel Owen, 24 fish
2nd Aled Dixon, 18 fish
3rd Craig Barr, 14 fish

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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