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BRFFA / Funky Fly Tying Hidden Teams – Chew Valley Lake

Bristol Reservoir Fly Fishers Association (BRFFA) in conjunction with match sponsors Funky Fly Tying hosted their annual Hidden Teams competition at Bristol Water Fisheries Chew Valley Lake 23rd July.  In The main picture - Left to Right – Andy Stones, Tony Torrington, Ted Smart, Alan Williams (Capt.) Toby Merrigan - Funky Fly Tying

With intermittent showers and variable winds forecast for the duration of the match, conditions for the time of year were reasonable. However, with Bristol Water Fisheries reporting a ‘challenging week’ in their recent catch report and a rod average of just 1.15, expectations of a fish filled day throughout the field were tempered.

As the competition commenced, the field split with a number of boats heading for the deeper water in front of the dam. With the recent hot spell and water temperatures up around 20 degrees, some of the experienced field expected to catch on fast sinking lines in the cooler aerated water around the dam basin. However, this considered approach that had proven so successful in previous years did not produce fish!

The balance of the field opting to hold station between Woodford Bank and the stocking pens for the duration of the match quickly validated their decision. Having established the recent stock fish were holding in the top few feet and were willing to accept lures and imitative patterns fished on full floaters or slow intermediate lines, rods started to bend at regular intervals.  Cooler conditions combined with a recent stocking enabled the field to catch 117 fish and return a respectable rod average for the match of 2.92 more than doubling the prior week’s fishery report.  

As in previous years, the Hidden Team element allows anglers with a range of experience to fish in equally balanced teams of four.  With teams only revealed as the final results are announced, this popular format supported by more than 40 club members generated a great sense of anticipation during the post-match meal and awards presentation held at Chew Valley Sailing Club.  

As the results were announced, it was the team captained by experienced international Alan Williams that came out as the eventual winners of this year’s Funky Fly Tying Hidden Teams event.  The impressive winning weight of 55lb included superlative individual performances by Capt. Alan and ‘Super Ted’ Smart who managed 7 fish each contributing more than 35lb towards their team’s total weight.

Funky Fly Tying Hidden Team Results

1st Alan Williams   7   19-00  
  Ted Smart   7   16-05  
  Tony Torrington    2   5-03  
  Andy Stone   6   14-08  
  Total:   22   55-00  
2nd Mark Miles   4   10-07  
  Steve Preston   8   21-00  
  Mark Lynch   2   3-14  
  Jim Purvis   2   5-03  
  Total:   16   40-08  
3rd Tony George   5   15-12  
  Sean Glover   4   10-05  
  John Wingrove   2   4-08  
  Paul Crook   2   7-07  
  Total:   13   38-00  


The next match in the BRFFA competition calendar will be The Bristol Water Hidden Pairs held on Blagdon Lake

17th September. To enter our next event please contact Martin Cottis on 07747 843548 or visit www.brffa.com and complete and return the competition entry form. 

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

TFF 770 x 210 subs ban

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